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Automata 3

Ben and Jerry are two new characters for this third automaton, young competitive brothers going head to head at the Gymnasium. A simple set of cams to drive the right arm into a punch, with a wire attached to the forearm to move it straight to the Punchball.

Each brother taking it in turn to hit the Punchball, with the timing being controlled by swivel plate mounted in the centre of the camshaft.  

Construction is straight forward, guided by the drawings shown here. The motion is geared down three to one to slow the motions as they seemed all a little quick when driven directly.

Printer: Zortrax M200

Rafts: Yes

Supports: some

Resolution: 0.19 and .09

Infill: Medium

You will need 1 of each STL part except for the following:-

Arm upper LH 2

Arm upper RH 2

Arm Lower LH 2

Arm Lower RH 2

Trousers 2

Heads 2

Hair 2

Hats 2

Legs 4

Hand Boxing LH 2

Hand Boxing RH 2

Arm Pivot 2

Arm Cam 2

Arm Follower 2

Shoe 2

Shoe Pivoting 2

Body top 2

Punchball Cam half 2

You will need some extra components to complete the build :-

A PDF files showing the dimensions of these parts can be

downloaded here

1 piece Ø 3 mm steel rod 160 mm long

1 piece Ø 3 mm steel rod 27 mm long

4 piece Ø 2 mm steel rod 8 mm long

1 piece Ø 2 mm steel rod 10 mm long

4 piece Ø 2 mm steel rod 20 mm long

Ø1 mm soft wire (paper clip) for the Lifting Pin in the Shoulder and the Actuating wire for the arms

Acetone to solvent bond  some of the parts together.

Drills Ø2 mm and Ø3 mm for the holes that need to be a tight fit.

Drills Ø2.2 mm and Ø3.2 mm for the holes that need to be a loose fit.

Automata 3 STL files can be downloaded here.

Use the drawings opposite as a guide for where the components fit into the assembly.




DSC_0073.JPG DSC_0074.JPG DSC_0077.JPG DSC_0078.JPG Ben-and-Jerry-5.jpg